“We must do everything possible in 2021 to make COP 26 a success.”

Alex Chalk with his Green Heart Hero Award

Since being elected in 2015, Alex Chalk has worked hard to ensure Westminster sets ambitious climate goals and sticks to them. Alex was vital in getting the UK to announce a net zero target. He successfully campaigned for parliament to commit to net zero by 2050.

Alex’s campaigns also look…

“ Schools shouldn’t wait on legislation or guidance, we need to be proactive in ensuring that we all have the knowledge to bring about the slowing down of global warming.”

The ‘Ocean Defenders’ engaging politicians with their campaigns

The Children at Sunnyside Primary School in Glasgow may only be small but they have a huge voice. They are passionate about protecting the environment and have turned that passion into action by petitioning both the Scottish government and Westminster to make climate change a part of teaching curriculums. …

“We create tangible change, which makes it easier to believe that wide scale change is possible.”

Members of North Kensington Community Energy accepting their Green Heart Hero Award in 2020

North Kensington Community Energy was founded to address the high level of income disparity in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Since it began, NKCE has installed solar panels on community buildings in the borough, and used the profits made for positive community actions. …

“We waste bread at a colossal scale and so we saw an opportunity to use the principles of the circular economy to tackle a modern day problem”

Toast’s entire business model is based on sustainability.

Toast Ale has been sustainable since the day they started. Their beer is made using surplus bread that would otherwise have been wasted. The bread they use would have simply been thrown in the bin, adding to the huge food waste problem occurring globally. …

“It’s easy to think that your actions won’t make a difference, but trust me they do.”

Ella Daish holding the Green Heart Hero Award for Individual Inspiration in 2020.

Ella Daish began the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign in 2018 after noticing how much plastic waste there was on her postal route. After doing her research and finding out the period products contain up to 90% plastic, Ella took action.

She called on manufacturers and supermarkets to stop putting plastic in their…

By Ed Matthew, COP 26 Co-Director, The Climate Coalition

Hundreds from around the world unite in a giant message during the United Nations COP21 Climate Summit. (Photo by Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Spectral Q)

Five years ago, world leaders gathered in Paris for COP21 and made a landmark promise to restrict global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees C and to do everything they can to limit heating to 1.5 degrees C. …

Faith leaders at The Time Is Now mass lobby for climate, nature and people in June 2019

In a letter to the Prime Minister, faith leaders have called on the government to put forward an enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) that gets the UK on track to a 1.5C future.

Dear Prime Minister,

As COP26 President, the UK’s single most important job…

The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coalition is the largest group of people in the UK dedicated to tackling climate change, with our sister orgs @SCCscot and @SCCCymru

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